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With the island cleaned up, Mario and Peach begin their vacation.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate : Walkthrough & Guides

Mario went to 2. Mario eventually catches up, defeating both Bowser and Bowser Jr. After failing to prevent the princess from being kidnapped, Mario meets star-like creatures called Lumas and their companion, Rosalina. Rosalina tells Mario that Bowser has stolen the Power Stars, the source of power for Rosalina's mobile observatory , and has taken Peach to the center of the universe. Mario then travels to various galaxies to reclaim the Power Stars to restore power to the observatory and reclaim Princess Peach.

In New Super Mario Bros. Wii , another 2.

Mario, Luigi, and the two Toads chase after them across eight worlds, defeating each Koopaling as they progress. The quartet eventually confronts Bowser, defeating him and saving the princess. With the help of the Lumas, Mario pilots Starship Mario, a mobile planet in the shape of his head, in order to travel to various galaxies and gather the Power Stars, used to fuel the ship.

After multiple battles against both Bowser and Bowser Jr. Mario is one of the playable characters in Super Mario 3D World , where he has average running speed and jump height compared to other characters. Mario is the protagonist of the Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Odyssey , where the character Cappy replaces Mario's traditional hat, allowing Mario to throw it like a long-range weapon, and "capture" enemies to gain their abilities.

Mario puzzle video game , with Dr. Mario itself first released in Mario throws vitamins that the player must align to destroy the viruses that populate the playing field. Several other sub-series of Mario video games, especially those inspired from sports , have been released. The Mario Kart franchise, which began with Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in , is the most successful and longest-running kart racing franchise.

The games revolve around a set of minigames and are playable with up to four players. Apart from his platformer and spin-off game appearances, Mario has made guest appearances in non- Mario games, such as Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! The first appearance of Mario in media other than games was Saturday Supercade , an animated television series produced by Ruby-Spears Productions in Each episode was composed of several shorter segments featuring video game characters from the golden age of video arcade games. Mario stars in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Mario appears in the live-action film Super Mario Bros.

Mario finds himself in an alternate universe in which dinosaurs rule where he must save the Earth from invasion. The film was a commercial failure at the box office. Outside the original games, television shows, and film, Mario has influenced the creation of a line of licensed merchandise and has appeared in popular culture.

Fighters (Playable Characters) in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

One of the rides will be themed to Mario Kart. Mario is depicted as a portly plumber who lives in the fictional land of the Mushroom Kingdom with Luigi , his younger, taller brother. He, along with the adult Mario, is voiced by Charles Martinet.

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He wears a longsleeved red shirt, a pair of blue overalls with yellow buttons, brown shoes, white gloves and a red cap with a red "M" printed on a white circle. In Donkey Kong , he wore a pair of red overalls, and a blue shirt. He has blue eyes, and, like Luigi , has brown hair, and a dark brown or black mustache.

This consistent difference in color is attributed to being a relic from designing the characters for their original platforms, wherein certain features were actively distinguished while others had to be curtailed due to technical limitations. Nintendo did not initially reveal Mario's full name. In a interview, his full name was stated not to be "Mario Mario" though it may be inferred from the title of the Mario Bros. This was again used in two of Prima 's official strategy guides, in [54] for Mario Party 2 and in [55] for Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.

Mario's occupation is plumbing, though in the original Donkey Kong games he is a carpenter.

Super Mario Icons - Download Games icon pack from IconsPedia

Mario series of puzzle games , which debuted in , [39] Mario is portrayed as a medical physician named "Dr. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis , Mario is the president of a profitable toy-making company. Mario usually saves Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom and purges antagonists, such as Bowser , from various areas. Since his first game, Mario has usually had the role of saving the damsel in distress. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis in , although the character is now described as "Mario's friend".

In Super Smash Bros. Melee , the text explaining Daisy's trophy states that "after her appearance in Mario Golf , gossips portrayed her as Luigi's answer to Mario's Peach". Luigi is Mario's younger fraternal twin brother. During the development of Donkey Kong , Mario was known as Jumpman. By the time Super Mario RPG was released, jumping became such a signature act of Mario that the player was often tasked with jumping to prove to non-player characters that he was Mario.

Mario's most commonly portrayed form of attack is jumping to stomp on the heads of enemies, first used in Super Mario Bros. This jump-stomp move may entirely crush smaller enemies on the stage, and usually deals damage to larger ones, sometimes causing secondary effects. This attack often enables Mario to knock the turtle-like Koopa Troopas into or out of their shells, which can be used as weapons.

Super Mario World added the ability to spin-jump, which allows Mario to break blocks beneath him. The Game Boy version of Donkey Kong allows Mario to jump higher with consecutive jumps, and perform a back-flip. In Super Mario 64 , Mario gains new jumping abilities such as a sideways somersault; a ground pound, which is a high-impact downward thrusting motion; and the "Wall Kick", which propels him upwards by kicking off walls. Mario uses items, which give him various powers, and differ between the games he is in.

The first power-up Mario used was the Hammer in Donkey Kong. Super Mario Bros. These powers have appeared regularly throughout the series. A reoccurring power-up throughout the series is an item that gives Mario the ability of flight. The first of this type was introduced in Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Galaxy introduced new power-ups, including the Bee Mushroom, which turned Mario into a bee and allowed him to fly temporarily; the Boo Mushroom, which turned Mario into a ghost, allowing him to float and pass through walls; the Spring Mushroom, which encased Mario in a spring, allowing him to jump higher; and the Ice Flower, which allowed the player to temporarily walk on water and lava without sinking or taking damage.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii updated the Ice Flower, which allows Mario to shoot ice balls that temporally freeze enemies; and introduced the Propeller Mushroom, which allows him to fly; as well as the Penguin Suit, which allows Mario to easily traverse ice and swim through water in addition to shooting ice balls. Super Mario 3D Land introduced the Boomerang Flower, which allows Mario to throw boomerangs at nearby enemies; and the Statue Leaf, which allows Mario to turn to a statue.

U , a Super Acorn makes its debut. This transforms Mario to his new Flying squirrel form where he can glide and stick on walls. Super Mario 3D World introduced the Super Bell, which transforms Mario into his cat form as well as a Double Cherry to make multiple copies of himself.

As Nintendo's primary mascot, Mario is widely considered to be the most famous video game character in history, and has been called an icon of the gaming industry. In , a national survey found that Mario was more recognizable to American children than Mickey Mouse. Creator Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that Mario is his favorite out of all characters that he has created.

GameDaily listed the "unlikely hero" on its top 25 video game archetypes, and used Mario as an example of this. It stated that in spite of the fact that he should have run out of energy through the first level, he kept going.


Mario has been established as a pop culture icon, and has starred in numerous television shows, comic books, and in a feature film. He has appeared on lunch boxes, T-shirts, magazines, commercials notably, in a Got Milk? The animated series The Super Mario Bros. Mario appeared in a book series, the Nintendo Adventure Books. Mario has inspired unlicensed paintings, [] performances on talent shows such as India's Got Talent , [] and short films, which have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

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Many people and places have been named or nicknamed after Mario. In a suburb of the Spanish city of Zaragoza , streets were named after video games, including "Avenida de Super Mario Bros". Mario's legacy is recognized by Guinness World Records , who awarded the Nintendo mascot, and the series of platform games he has appeared in, seven world records in the Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition Mario appeared in the Summer Olympics closing ceremony to promote the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

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Abe then appeared dressed as Mario in an oversized Warp Pipe in the middle of the stadium. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Nintendo character. For the franchise featuring him, see Super Mario and Mario franchise. For other uses, see Mario given name and Mario disambiguation.