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There is an API I believe. I have just started researching the different NVR programs. I have noticed that most list Intel specs, does this mean AMD is less desirable? I am trying to figure out how to add my Avtech to this program, since you have to not only enter your username and password, you also have to enter the image code also.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Blue Iris Software Review – Phenom Security - Broadcasting Sunshine

Trying to set up a webcast. Does BI demo version have flash disabled until you buy the full version?? Should be a full version other than the time period and watermark on the images. You can ask on the ipcamtalk. I really like Xprotect, but its hard to get any info from them. If you purchase camera licenses, do they go with that specific camera MAC or are they just for that channel, using whatever camera you switch to or upgrade to?

Also, I found it difficult to determine what the SUP plan really offered do you need it for newer camera support in 6 months etch…. Lastly, is there a discounted or bundled channel source for license purchases?

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Milestone appears to not sell directly. Cameras licenses are tied to a specific camera and you swap cameras at anytime, never had a problem doing so as I do add and replace cameras for testing purposes all the time. So you can upgrade anytime the first year. Any maintenance releases to the release you have is free anytime.

Thanks — just what I needed to know. I wish Ken created a forum for BlueIris on his site. Check with the cam-it. So I have my cameras. Now time for software. Does BI or any other software send you a notification if the camera looses connection? There may be such an alert but never researched it. From the settings of Trigger Profile it appears that the recordings can be triggered from external inputs Trigger with DIO input.

What types of triggering does Blue Iris support, level triggering i. Thank you for answering my questions.

You think i5 core processor with GB ram would be sufficient enuf to handle 16 cameras with P resolution with Blue Iris? Or would i7 be required to handle it all? Are you using direct to disc recording option with BlueIris? That may reduce CPU use in half. The way h. The recording with BlueIris starts from the first i-frame which could be up to 1 second or so.

Never found that option to use additional CPU for me. I did not see the option for Direct to disc recording. It is called something else and where is it found? I am still on the learning curve. One thing I will point out is setting numbers of frames on the pre buffer will chew up CPU and memory. I noticed it immediately and I read about it on the forum. Also, Blue Iris warns the user about it too.

Memory dropped to the 6 gb range.

7 Blue Iris Performance Tweaks

Just trying D2D and MP4. Select a camera, click the top left button or right click on the camera and select Camera properties. I have Windows Media files selected as my format, and it will not allow Direct-to-disc. Not sure why. I chose that format because file sizes are small and I can view them externally. Download the trial and try it for yourself. Hi i like to ask one question, i have read everything in your article, and i have seen blueiris website and used their software too, no doubt its good but i want to know that how many live camera we can view in blue iris software not recording just live view.

Send an email asking Ken, support blueirissoftware. This is their low end NVR and is limited how fast the processor is and what it can handle.

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They do have a higher end NVR that can do 32 cameras at full P resolution. Look on their website. BlueIris can handle a lot of cameras but is a CPU hog, so you may need at lest the fastest processor you can get to handle 16 P cameras. Thanks for all your help. It also eliminates the need for a static IP.

See my article on how to view your camera remotely from the internet for details. Hi, have you tried setting up a camera on https using blue iris? Great Blog! Sweet that website is great! Is it CPU intensive? Thanks, David. As long as you have all ACTi camera, you can use this software. Should note that there is no way to view previously recorded video on iOS devices.

Viewing with Safari on my iPhone is very nice for live view only. My current version is 2. That was my theory too and was going to try it. The only browser I have had issues with is Dolphin on my cell, the rest work fine. Not sure if it is a setting in Dolphin or something with Blue Iris. Thanks for this knowledge experience.

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Network Camera Critic. About What should we review next? Categories: Software. Conclusion The software is stable, have used it for over a year, the support is excellent. Notify of. Notify of new replies to this comment. Michael Till. Let me tell you about my experience with Blue Iris and Ken.

I purchased version 3 in Sept I have 8 of those cameras here in my system. When I contacted Ken explaining the drivers were missing he kept telling me to upgrade. That means give him more money.

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  5. I told him I did not want to upgrade, that I just wanted the version I had paid for. I tried to explain that they were indeed there when I purchased my copy of version 3. He insisted they were not and refused to support the program, a program that was less than a year old and attempted to get more money out of me for an unnecessary upgrade.

    I had 2 choices. Its pretty clear that you dont know what you are talking about. You are lying about emailing copies of drivers.


    Remember though, if you know the URL you can always manually enter it. That will have all the cameras supported just before the BI4 update. Side note, 30 dollars for an upgrade to BI4 is nothing. There are lots of improvements and it will continue getting updates for the next few year. I find it laughable when folks complain about paying 30 dollars for an upgrade. Have you seen the pricing for the competition? Let us know what you are using instead…im VERY curious.

    You might also consider tossing the sricams in the trash, they are pure rubbish. John Williams.