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Looking for a smarter order? Check out our in-depth report, every fast food breakfast ranked. That right there is a sign of a truly scary cookie monster. You probably already know that this scary type of fat can clog your arteries and slow blood flow, but its effects extend beyond your heart. Ingesting too much of the stuff has been shown to impact everything from brain function to sexual function. No steaming bowl of soup is worth that risk—especially when you can easily whip up a protein-packed soup in your very own kitchen.

Small: calories, 28 g fat, 16 g saturated fat, 0. If you want to curb your chocolate cravings, break off a piece of 70 percent dark chocolate and nibble on that instead, or indulge in one of these high-protein ice creams. Look, feel and live great while getting on the path to better health with the Eat This, Not That! Some of these foods are the best nature has to offer, but that doesn't mean they're not the reason you're packing on the pounds.

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It may weigh a half-pound and pack a staggering 28 grams of fat, but believe it or not, McDonald's iconic double-decker burger isn't the restaurant realm's most fattening dish By Dana Leigh Smith August 18, Courtesy of McDonald's. Get the Latest Issue of Our Magazine.

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Which morning meal should you choose? Stuffing hash browns into a burrito, that makes a lot of sense, especially in terms of the carbohydrate content alone.

McDonald’s Nutrition Facts & Calorie Information

According to Eating Well, this breakfast sandwich has just as many calories as a Big Mac with calories or above. Although it might taste oh-so-yummy, a lot of that has to with the elevated amounts of fat found in the breakfast sandwich. Not only is the bread extremely thick, but the sausage also has a lot do with the elevated fat count.

Know your food.

Foods that are high in calories usually feature an array of fats and carbohydrates mixed in together. That seems to be the case with this chicken pot pie. In fact, in just a medium-sized shake, the calories almost amount to the same as a Big Mac at calories, just three calories under the Big Mac itself! Not only is DQ delicious for dessert purposes, but the fast-food establishment also excels when it comes to burgers and wings. One of their top items is the glazed chicken basket. According to My Fitness Pal, the basket comes with over 1, calories!

At that point, you might be better off devouring two Big Macs! In truth, some still opt for this delicious breakfast meal. In truth, everything on the plate is fattening from the small biscuit to the sausage to those breathtaking golden pancakes. Unfortunately, even the eggs are tainted with an elevated amount of fat. In truth, it has double the calories of a Big Mac—yeah, double. Burger King has other fatty breakfast items, including the Enormous Omelette Sandwich.

The sandwich also has more calories than a Big Mac at calories! This sandwich sounds at least moderately healthy thanks to the chicken part. A customer can easily choose the option, but boy, would they ever regret if they found out the calorie count. According to Calorie King, the Crispy Chicken Sandwich comes with calories total, more than calories compared to the delicious Big Mac. According to the same source, it would take a minute walk to burn off this chicken burger.

That makes it almost calories greater than the Big Mac.

Beating Big Mac Calories - 20 Shocking Foods With More Fat

Similar to the Big Mac, the Quarter Pounder has quite the history as well. However, interest would start to subside in the burger, and that might have to do with the calories that it contains. According to Calorie King, the Double Quarter Pounder is one of the most fattening burgers a customer can purchase with calories.

That blows the Big Mac out of the water. The idea succeeded, and the burger is arguably the most popular of all time for the franchise. Although everything is better with bacon, it does come with a hefty amount of fat. Get this—according to Live Strong, the double comes with calories, and the triple, 1, calories! Deep breaths, McFlurry lovers. A large McFlurry is the equivalent of three hamburgers!

Oh goodness According to the same source, the muffin comes with calories, making it more fattening than an actual burger—and not just any burger but a darn Big Mac! The muffin comes loaded with sugar, 54 grams to be exact. It's all about smart and nutritionally dense foods, and this one is the exact opposite of that. It almost has the same amount of fat compared to a Big Mac with 31 grams. The real kicker is the sugar: 99 grams!

According to Business Insider, this is the highest calorie option from Starbucks. This thick hot chocolate is no ordinary hot chocolate that grandma used to make.

McDouble is 'cheapest and most nutritious food in human history'

This one is loaded with whipped cream and really thick milk. Using up all those calories on a drink is far too hefty, no matter how good it might be.

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